Three Girls

First off, I can't even believe that I'm already halfway through this pregnancy. The time has gone by so fast since we found out we were expecting back in December. 

That being said, halfway means the big ultrasound to check development and find out gender. We had our ultrasound yesterday. The baby was a healthy girl! She was squirmy as ever. We didn't get a good profile photo because her hands were near her face the whole time. But it looked as if she waved! 

I've done this all of this twice before but it still gets me. Seeing that sweet girl on the screen just made my heart swell. The love you can feel for a person you haven't even met is unreal.

We're excited and a bit overwhelmed at the thought of three girls, ages three and under. Amelia was actually slightly disappointed over the news of another sister. She really wanted a brother apparently! But Danny gently explained how big of a blessing our new baby girl is to our family. And that God makes no mistakes. Amelia is definitely warming up to the idea now. I'm glad for that because I really believe that these girls are a gift to each other. I know they'll have their ups and downs because that's what relationships are like. But I've always heard that a sister is a friend for life. I don't have any biological sisters. Honestly, part of me is jealous of my daughters!! Danny and I pray hard that these girls will be so in love with each other. 

Next up on the pregnancy/baby schedule is ordering cloth diapers for the two girls who will be in them {we have to save money somewhere!}, organizing clothes for consignment, and taking my glucose test. Since I had gestational diabetes with Elsie, my midwife wants to test early this time. Understandable but totally sucky. 

Overall, I'm feeling great! I can't wait to see what kind of fun this baby girl adds to our family. 

Isla Abrielle Grace // due August 2014


Basement Burnout

The fact that we live in a basement is pretty well known. After all, we have been here almost a year and a half

We moved here back in August of 2012. Amelia was 18 months. I was eight weeks pregnant with Elsie. Our goals consisted of saving like crazy so we could buy a house the following summer. And then life happened. Wouldn't you know it, we're approaching spring and we are still here. 

Amelia is three, Elsie is 10 months, and I'm almost halfway through a third pregnancy. 

This isn't at all what we had planned. 

Because this is my blog, my place to record this crazy life of ours, my corner of the internet to just let it out, I'm going to do just that. 

I'm burned out with living in this basement. 

Hear me loud and clear: this living arrangement has gone as well as we could have all hoped. Our friends and the owners of this home, David and Lindsey, have been great to live with. I'm not even kidding when I say we haven't had one argument or disagreement. We have always kept an open line to talk about stuff but there just hasn't been anything come up. Honestly, I believe The Lord orchestrated this living arrangement from day one. And so His hand of protection is covering it all. That doesn't make it easy though. 

Our main refrigerator is upstairs in the garage. And I forget that I need stuff in it all the time. So up and down I go. 

The dishwasher is upstairs. But hauling dishes up and down is awful. So they pile up because I can't wash dishes and see the kids at the same time. 

The kitchen is upstairs. And Danny works late hours. He's often not home for dinner which means I have to cook dinner and watch the kids. Because we don't live upstairs, I feel it necessary to make sure the girls aren't touching everything of David and Lindsey's. Also, their only child is three months younger than Elsie. So they have only recently started thinking about baby-proofing {which is totally fine because I don't expect them to baby-proof for our kiddos}. Usually I would wear Elsie and let Amelia play a game on my phone. But since becoming pregnant, baby-wearing is tough. The ergo is not comfy and I haven't figured out my woven wrap yet. So tonight, we're having frozen waffles and scrambled eggs. Because it's easy. 

This basement space wasn't meant to have a family of four live in it for for over a year. Therefore, storage is weird. I'm starting to nest and it is overwhelming.

Two weeks ago, we put an offer on a house. And things are moving along. But it's still a question if we're going to get this house or not. Danny is content to walk away if God is closing this door. And I'm begging God to leave the door open, with my foot in the door because I want out of the basement and I'm emotionally attached. I've envisioned our family playing in the backyard. I've decorated the rooms and felt at home even in just the few visits so far. 

I'm writing this in my kids room, as they beg to be fed dinner. I'm writing this from a place of frustration and total burn out. 

This basement has done us well. But now it's time. The big question though... is it God's time?