Perfect Provision

A couple weeks ago, I shared the story of how Danny came to be an employee of Verizon Wireless back in 2011 and what a blessing it was for us at the time. In that post, I also shared how Danny recently started a new position in the company. This new job was the biggest relief after the difficult months we had had prior. 

If you haven't worked in commission based sales before, let me tell you... it's hard! I mean, I've never done it. But I know enough from walking alongside Danny in all of this. There's crazy quotas to meet and consequences if you don't.

This last November, we were faced with those consequences. Danny was in his third month of poor sales. If he didn't pull his numbers up, he was going to be fired in December. This all happened right before Christmas. We were still looking for a house to buy and we had a pregnancy "scare". The fear and anxiety I felt through this was time was very difficult. I struggled deeply as I knew I needed to relinquish control to God but my hands were so tightly grasped on how I wanted our life to look.

In the middle of all the craziness, there was word around Danny's company that a new position was being created for a new model of stores, set to open in early 2014. The new job would still be considered sales. However, it was no longer commission based and focused more on customer experience. Basically a hospitality person for the sales floor. Basically the perfect the job for my outgoing, chatty, technology loving, nerdy husband. There was no clear indication on what the pay would be. But we figured A job was better than NO job. So Danny applied and interviewed for the new position! 

In that same week, Danny heard from his boss that the interview panel was raving about him. They couldn't get over how perfect he was for the job. Days went by and Danny was offered the job. Of course he accepted. At that point, his sales numbers didn't matter. He couldn't be fired for sales performance! All we were waiting for was the new store to open. It was like the job was created for Danny. Hmmm. 

Well, the store opened a couple weeks ago and I have never seen my husband so excited about his work. It's the best thing in the world. He still works weird, long hours. It is also still retail, which Danny wants to be out of someday. But the job is fun for him. He greets customers and discovers their needs as they enter the store. Danny gets to educate customers about their different devices (phones, tablets, etc) in a class like setting. He also assists the sales reps in transactions. And probably the best part for him is that he gets to demonstrate some of the product. For example, flying a drone around the store using the controls on his phone. Honestly, it is a nerd's dream job. And a nerd's wife's dream because seeing my husband this content is a true delight. Not only is the job fun for Danny, but since he isn't getting paid based on sales performance his income is more stable and fair. This has taken so much pressure off of him. 

We are overwhelmed by the blessing of this job and the absolute perfect timing of it all. Just two weeks after Danny was hired for the new job, we found out that I was pregnant with our third child!! If it had been a month earlier (during that "scare" I mentioned at the beginning of this post), we would've been thinking that Danny was losing his job while finding out about a major surprise pregnancy. I'm glad God saved me from that anxiety. Now with 2014 under way and Danny loving his new job, we're looking forward to the adventure of home buying this spring and welcoming another baby into our family in August. 

I know that if Danny had lost his job back in December, we would've been okay. We've been through rough times as a family before and we've always been better because of them. However, because I'm human, there are still days that I worry unnecessarily. Ultimately, I know God provides. Our family story speaks to that truth over and over again. For this I am so grateful.

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