Jesus: Non-Urgent, All Powerful

In Matthew 9, Jesus is asked to come heal a young girl from death but is stopped as the bleeding woman touches his robes for healing. We see in Mark 5 and Luke 9 that the woman felt the bleeding stop immediately. Jesus stopped to encourage her and say, "Your faith has made you well. Go in peace." Meanwhile, the girl is still dying. 

Did Jesus have to stop and tell the woman that she had been healed if she had felt the bleeding stop, if healing had already happened? Couldn't he have gotten to the girl quicker and saved her family the agony of loss, even if the grief was only for a short time?

Have you ever noticed the non-urgent manner that Jesus went about these events? The messengers came from Jairus' home, saying that the girl was dead. Not quick enough, I thought to myself as I read the passage. Even though I know how the story goes. There was no use in troubling Jesus now. 

Jesus still went to the girl. In fact, he went declaring that there was nothing to be afraid of and that all the nay-sayers just needed to have some faith. Jesus held that girl's hand and told her to rise. And she did. All glory to him. He wasn't too late. He never is, right? 

I'm wondering how often we see our life circumstances and think God was just too late. He just didn't show up and now there's no use. What if he is wanting us to just rest in the waiting, knowing that he WILL come into our lives with all of his healing, life raising power? What if we trusted that he would move in mighty ways, in his perfect timing? 

I'm asking myself these very questions and getting goosebumps as I feel a shift. Just some thoughts of mine as I work through my Bible Study Fellowship questions...


  1. Not to be all super creep-tastic or anything, but do you drive a white mini-van with storage bin on top?? If so I saw you and your husband out driving in Gresham. :-)

    1. Wow, sorry I didn't see your comment until just now! Haha. But yes, I DO have drive a white mini-van with a storage bin. That's so funny and not too creepy. I see people around town that I've seen online a lot but not in person. It feels strange!