Jesus: Non-Urgent, All Powerful

In Matthew 9, Jesus is asked to come heal a young girl from death but is stopped as the bleeding woman touches his robes for healing. We see in Mark 5 and Luke 9 that the woman felt the bleeding stop immediately. Jesus stopped to encourage her and say, "Your faith has made you well. Go in peace." Meanwhile, the girl is still dying. 

Did Jesus have to stop and tell the woman that she had been healed if she had felt the bleeding stop, if healing had already happened? Couldn't he have gotten to the girl quicker and saved her family the agony of loss, even if the grief was only for a short time?

Have you ever noticed the non-urgent manner that Jesus went about these events? The messengers came from Jairus' home, saying that the girl was dead. Not quick enough, I thought to myself as I read the passage. Even though I know how the story goes. There was no use in troubling Jesus now. 

Jesus still went to the girl. In fact, he went declaring that there was nothing to be afraid of and that all the nay-sayers just needed to have some faith. Jesus held that girl's hand and told her to rise. And she did. All glory to him. He wasn't too late. He never is, right? 

I'm wondering how often we see our life circumstances and think God was just too late. He just didn't show up and now there's no use. What if he is wanting us to just rest in the waiting, knowing that he WILL come into our lives with all of his healing, life raising power? What if we trusted that he would move in mighty ways, in his perfect timing? 

I'm asking myself these very questions and getting goosebumps as I feel a shift. Just some thoughts of mine as I work through my Bible Study Fellowship questions...


"Called Me Higher"

I read this recently over at Leah's blog {beatifully molded}: "anything that makes me run to God and need His presence is a blessing."

Isn't that statement one that just gets you right in the heart and takes your breath away a little bit? Because it's true. But it's hard to remember.

When we started praying in early 2012 about saving for a house and moving in with Danny's parents, David and Lindsey invited us to live with them. We ran to the Lord in prayer. There was nothing else to do. Two families living under one roof with three kids and all their stuff. That needs serious covering from the Lord. A year and a half later, through cramped spaces and dirty dishes and swapping each other's laundry, this is a true blessing.

When Danny's car completely busted and we had to take out a $5000 car loan to get him a new car, we rearranged our budget and things worked out fine. A blessing.

When Danny stumbled down the stairs into our basement home, tore a ligament and a tendon in his foot, and had to spend an entire month off of work. And another two weeks working just part time, doing physical therapy twice a week while I was 8 months pregnant and chasing a toddler around. I would cry at night, pleading with God for strength to just make it through the next day. A blessing.

When news comes in that our offer wasn't accepted on yet another house, and that Danny's job is in the balances of corporate expectations, it's only God that can and will provide exactly what we need. So I lean into that truth and pray. And cry and pray. And we are blessed.

I wouldn't ask for any of this, if I'm being honest. But I have no desire to give it back because the depth of love I feel for the Lord, knowing that He will take care of us in the brightest of days or the darkest of nights, is worth it. It's all worth knowing Him deeper.

All of this has been on my heart for weeks. I was finally able put it to words when I heard the song below and read the blog above. I have the song on repeat quite often. It's the perfect song for singing babies to sleep. And let me tell you, that's some good worship

Listen here: {"Called Me Higher"}

What's your "higher and deeper"? What are your blessings in disguise?
Other songs reaching deep into my heart during this season: 

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