31 Days: Say "Yes" More

I'm not sure if every kid is this way, but Amelia loves to just sprawl out and be all over the floor. We have big butcher paper that she loves to color on. One of Amelia's favorite activities is to build with Legos. She also loves her wooden blocks. Of course, as Elsie is now crawling, she loves to be on the floor as well.

Can I be honest here for a moment? I dislike the floor. Every time I sit on the floor, I'm reminded that I need to vacuum and/or sweep. A child is usually climbing on me and I'm just touched-out.

If I'm sitting on the floor with my kids, it means that I've said, "Yes." to a request to be there with them. Amelia will ask, "Mama, can you build with me?"

Do I want to? A lot of times, no. Can I? Absolutely.

a day that I didn't want to get on the floor.
but when I did, I didn't regret it for a second.

What keeps me saying, "Yes." are the moments on the floor.

The reminder that vacuuming and sweeping can always wait. It will just be dirty again tomorrow.

The snuggles, kisses, and/or tickle fights after a child has climbed on me. The closeness and forgetting about the fact that someone is touching me and I'm touched-out.

The reminder that I GET to be in this moment. Not that I HAVE to be. Remembering that these kiddos will only be little for a short time and I know I will miss this.

And... I have nothing about the bony bottom. That part still sucks. So I usually just end up sprawling on the floor like Amelia, belly on the ground. Face to face with my girls.

The moments on the floor are what rejuvenate my heart and make my days easier.

All because I said, "Yes."

Is it hard for you to say, "Yes." to playing on the floor? What are your hesitations? 
I'm not the only one, right?

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