31 Days: Keep Calm, Jesus Loves You

A common phrase in our household is Calm down. We use it mostly with Amelia during her meltdowns. She knows that we will not talk to her about a situation until she is calm. This means she might need to spend some time in her room while she calms down. Sometimes it just means she needs to hold our hand, cry for fifteen seconds, and then state, "I'm calm." Nothing good ever comes from talking during the meltdown. So this phrase is a good placeholder until afterwards.

Of course, it's a known fact that kids pick up on your frequently used phrases. So one day this week, while I was really frustrated, Amelia decided to use it on me. We had been having a good day. But it was nearing bed time. You know, that time of night where anyone could just snap and go crazy. So not my favorite. Especially when that anyone is me. I had had enough of repeating myself. Amelia sensed this and said, "Mama. You need to calm down." At first, I wanted to get even more mad. I was prepared to spew out, "Yeah?! I just need you to listen and be a good girl! You're just disobeying so much and I'm mad." Instead, I told Amelia that she was right. I needed to breathe and ask Jesus for help. She kept a hand on my shoulder and all was well. We continued our evening and nobody snapped.

I was so thankful for that moment. Sometimes I'm so tempted to be angry but God provides encouragement just in time. Another similar situation happened just this last evening. We were eating dinner. Well, I was eating dinner and feeding Elsie some avocado. Amelia was not eating. Again, I was starting to get so frustrated. I kept telling her over and over that she needed to eat dinner. It was 6:30 pm. I just wanted to get dinner finished and get the girls to bed. I could feel the frustration building. And then Amelia quietly says, "1, 2, this is true. Jesus loves me and He loves you." complete with adorable hand motions. I could do nothing but smile and thank the Lord for such a sweet reminder. Her little song was exactly what I needed to finish the evening strong.

How has God used your children to remind you of the simple things? What are some ideas you have for making those last couple hours before bed time a better experience?


  1. Oh man, perfect timing! My husband and I got in a fight before he left for work this morning. Isn't that just the worst time too? Anyway, he always calls me when he gets half way there and while waiting for his call I just prayed and read my bible and was able to find the calm I needed to help the situation and your post just reaffirms what God was telling me this morning.

    1. That's the worst time, yes! Oh man, that's tough. I'm so glad this blessed you! And what a great thing... that you went to His Word and found peace there. :)