31 Days: Helping Hands

Well, if you notice the time stamp, this is late. But that's ok. I'm so stinking excited that I've kept up with the Nester's blogging challenge this far. However, since I ran out of pre-written posts I knew that this twelfth day was going to be a doozy. Not because I don't have anything to say. Really, there's too much to say.

If you know me in real life and you know me well, you know that I am stubborn and independent. Most of the time, I will insist on doing things without help. If I have to ask for and/or receive help of any kind, I feel frustrated with myself. Ridiculous, right? 

There's no way I could do any of this motherhood gig without help from those dear to me. My heart was so full as I looked through old photos for this post. I couldn't find a photo for every single person that's ever helped me in this journey. I just don't have photos of each person with my girls! So please don't feel left out if that's you. I guess this is more of a reminder for me... I absolutely cannot do this on my own. God has placed me in a community where I can get help on the hard days. I need to lean into that more often and with more humility.

If you have ever come into my chaos to love on me and my family...
thank you so much. 

I know it's part of being a daddy that he helps.
But truly, this man rocks my world.

Grandma Sheryl.
Lengthy book-reading sessions. Chicken nugget lunches.
Date night babysitting. Random check-ins.

Grandma Val.
Yummy lunches and play time.
Pampering me.

Auntie Liz.
The random dates so mama could rest.
A full weekend of loving Amelia while we welcomed Elsie.

Kayla Joy. And so many other of my youth group "kids".
You know who you are. 
The sporadic visits. Coffee and candles.
Folding laundry and matching socks. Playing on the floor.

Snuggling my baby at a wedding. Coloring with Amelia.
Story time and bed time help. 

The prayers. My first grocery shopping trip with two kids.
A listening ear. 

So many days of playing with Amelia while I did chores.
Watching Amelia while I did youth group.
A weekend of loving her while we took a babymoon!

Starla. Oh our Starla.
Fishy crackers and iPad games. Many nights dedicated to
Amelia while I did youth group. The last minute drop-ins
when I was desperate. 

Auntie Jo.
Honestly, trying to say anything would be ridiculous.
Just thinking of my best friend's helping hands makes me cry.
So there you go. 
Scooting with Amelia four days after Elsie was born. The chores.
The laundry. Such a servant's heart.

What does it do to your heart when you realize you need to ask for help? 
Who do you go to in those times? Is it hard for you to ask for help?

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