31 Days: Coffee Connects

If you think it's ridiculous that I'm including coffee as a part of how we can make motherhood easier, then you really need to read this post. If coffee isn't your thing, that's ok. We can still be friends.

I've always enjoyed coffee. The warmth of it in my tummy on a cold day in fall. Or the chill of it in my tummy on a hot day in summer. All the yummy flavors! And let's be honest, the caffeine. Oh how I've needed the caffeine.

This last weekend, we ran out of coffee. ENDOFTHEWORLD in the Maia home. My poor husband told me I needed to get my elbows ready for church because he was just zonked. And there was no coffee. Thankfully, the sermon was great and engaging. Danny did just fine. But after two days of no coffee in the house, we actually took naps on Sunday afternoon. All four of us. And then after waking up, I drove very quickly to Costco. The week started and all was well. We have coffee, people.

But really, even more than all the things I mentioned earlier, I think coffee {and other drinks in awesome mugs} has a special way of connecting people. And that delights me. So many hard, good conversations between friends of mine have been coupled with a cup of coffee. Amelia and I are getting in the habit of doing bible study together. I always have my coffee ready. And Amelia always asks for hot chocolate. We sit there and connect. I can't count the number of times that a friend dropped by and said, "I was thinking of you. Here's a coffee."

our Bible study coffee {puzzle} time ♥

I know it's not the actual coffee doing anything. I'm not that silly. But God uses the simplest means to convey a message, to bring people together. And I really think coffee is a gift from God that does just that.

On a much more shallow level, my dear friend, Linda, told me about a trick that helps with keeping the cost of coffee down at Starbucks. I have to share it with you because not only does coffee lighten our load, so does saving a penny here or there. Mamas gotta stick together!! So here it is. Order the drip coffee and dress it up! This is my usual for summer... I haven't experimented with hot drinks yet: Grande Iced Coffee with milk and two sugars. Instead of simple syrup, use caramel syrup. And whipped cream, the best part in my opinion. This drink is $2.45. I used to get the Vanilla Lattes or Caramel Macchiatos. Shoot, $4-5 here and there adds up quick!

Something else we have been doing to help keep our coffee budget down {does anyone else have a coffee budget??} is to buy beans, yummy coffee creamer, grind the beans at home, and enjoy. I've heard a lot of great feedback about making your own creamers. I intend to do that someday. It would probably be even cheaper and I know it would be healthier. But for now, this works.

Do you feel like "coffee connects people"? Is coffee your choice of drink in those social situations? If not, what do you enjoy? 


  1. Totally with you that coffee connects people! I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee dates! They are my favorite! My hubby...not so much lol I'm a decaf drinker but I still need my coffee every.single.morning! Can't imagine going without it for 2 days!

  2. It's so great to hear someone as passionate about coffee as I am! It really is a great connecting tool. The MOMS Club I belong to meets at a local shop on Tuesdays and they have $2 12oz flavored lattes those days...I love it! And I must admit my favorite thing is to go to my mom's house and sit down having a cup of coffee with her. We have our best conversations then.

    I love, love LOVE your coffee date/bible study with Amelia! How old was she when you started doing that? It's something I would love to be able to do with my daughter!

    1. We just started doing regular bible study sit down time. But I've done it off and on since she was a year old. :) I remember one time she grabbed my little pocket bible and was saying "bible!" at a year old. So precious. But a few weeks ago, I started attending a bible study. Amelia goes to a children's program during the same time that teaches her the same scripture us adults are studying. They learn a verse and story. So throughout the week, it's fun to ask her questions as I do my study! And it's a fun way to memorize scripture, which I'm really bad at. But Amelia and I are doing it together. They take in so much as toddlers! It's amazing. :)