31 Days: Babywearing

If you know me at all, even just a tiny bit, you know that I love to wear my babies. I have since Amelia was a tiny, new baby. After about 23 weeks into my pregnancy with Elsie, I couldn't wear Amelia anymore. This actually made me really sad! It was a fun day when I got to babywear again!

Daddy & Amelia cooking dinner // Nov 2012
We have a Pink Rose Ergo baby carrier. I bought it when I was pregnant with Amelia after seeing it on Baby Steals for half off the original price. This Ergo has been used regularly since Amelia was born. The only downside to this carrier was that it didn't fit Danny beyond Amelia being three weeks old. When I was pregnant with Elsie, we decided to splurge on a black Ergo Sport and the Newborn Insert. This carrier has been so great to have because all of the straps have longer length on them. This means Danny can wear Elsie. He has thoroughly enjoyed that. It was totally worth the splurge! The last piece of my baby carrier collection is a Moby wrap. It was great to have while Elsie was tiny. Now that she's nearly twenty pounds, it just doesn't work well.

our Elsie Girl snug as a bug at 16 days old in the Moby wrap

Since I have told you all about my babywearing treasures, I will tell you about some experiences where using these carriers was a lifesaver.

Amelia & Mama hanging out, back when I thought
I needed my Boppy for everything. Lol. // July 2011

When Amelia was a baby, I would sit and snuggle her for nap time. But as she got older, I struggled to justify spending an entire afternoon holding her while I knew I needed to be making meals or doing chores. I decided to start wearing her for some of her naps. One time, she fell asleep on my back while I vacuumed! She was close like she wanted and I felt productive as I did chores but comforted my child. Fast forward to now and life gets a bit hectic with two little ones. I know, crazy. Who could imagine that? I have two hands but often times, I feel like I need four more to accomplish all the things! Babywearing has given me those extra hands. 

grocery shopping & hanging out at Target
made possible by Ergo // June 2013

In one moment, Elsie could be fussy. Amelia could need to use the potty and I might need to pick up the laundry in the bathroom. With my magical Ergo, Elsie is calmed down in an instant. My hands are free to help Amelia with going potty and all that entails. Then I can grab the laundry and move onto the next thing! I love being able to tend to the needs of both girls at the same time while also doing some chores here and there.

Not only does the Ergo give me the ability to care for both girls more effectively, it has actually been great exercise. I don't know what it's like for you but trying to get in workouts on top of all this other stuff is hard right now. Since we live in the basement and our fridge is in the garage upstairs, I'm constantly going up and down. I also cook upstairs! There are some days that Elsie is inconsolable and will not nap unless she's in the carrier. So I might wear her for three hours at a time while I go about doing the rest of our daily tasks. By the end of the day, my abs feel like I've done a few crunches. Seriously! Elsie is getting big enough to ride on my back and that's really fun, too!

back baby! 

I plan to wear my kiddos for as long as possible. Just a few weeks ago, we had our family day at the local science museum. Danny had Elsie in the Ergo on his front. I had Amelia on my back in our other carrier. We had to walk through the parking lot and down a street to get to the entrance. It worked out great because we could get where we needed to go quicker without worrying about Amelia trailing behind. Babywearing saved the day again!

Amelia kept saying, "It's like a piggy back ride, Mama!" // at OMSI

Do you enjoy wearing your children? If not, how come? If so, what carriers have been your favorite? How often do you use your carriers? What are some fun stories you could share about how babywearing helped make your day easier?


  1. I think someday we may need an ergo...I've heard sooo many good things! We have a chicco carrier that my hubby uses and I'm a major fan of the moby wrap but I can't imagine using that nearly as long as you've been able to use the ergo! That's going to be on my wish list for baby #2!

    1. Yeah, Ergos are pricey. But they are SO worth the investment. I'm actually wearing Elsie for her nap as I do blog stuff right now. I'll post here in the comments for you if I ever see a good deal on one! :) I see them on those deal sites quite often.

    2. Thanks! That'd be great!! I'm currently stuck in a chair holding Christian as he naps. He has a cold and hasn't been napping well unless I hold him. And he struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep in the moby. Maybe the ergo would be different!

    3. I wear Elsie a lot for her naps. She will sleep for nearly three hours sometimes! It's either that or 45 min naps in her crib, if I'm lucky. I usually try to wear her for one nap so that she gets a lot of rest. it works out pretty well. Especially since I can still do so much in the Ergo!

    4. That's super nice! Christian napped for 3 hours in my arms yesterday...needless to say I was very unproductive and lucky to only have 1 child to worry about! lol