31 Days: Making Motherhood Easier

If you know me well, you know that I love to write. Even with that, I've never been able to find my groove with blogging. I want to post consistently but it just doesn't happen. It might have something to do with the two tiny people that I take care of day in and day out. Hmmm, that's a thought. 

Well, I'm not letting that stop me this month. When I originally heard about 31 Days from The Nester, I thought There is no way I can do that! I'm so swamped with the girls and household stuff. It would be too hard. The challenge is this:

1. Pick a topic to write about.
2. Starting October 1st, write a post a day for the month that will fit under that topic.

That's A LOT of posts for someone like me who blogs once every other month maybe. However, I couldn't stop thinking about the challenge. Later that day, I was doing dishes when an idea came to mind. I could write about motherhood! What would I say though? I mean, I'm only two and a half years in. It's not like I am a pro or anything. All I know is that it has been wonderful and some days are easier than others.

And just like that, it clicked.

I have no control over what the mood of my kiddos will be when they wake up. Amelia is an independent, firecracker of a girl. Also, she's two. She is capable of choices that are good and bad. Elsie is constantly changing since she is only five months old. She is a super joyful, content baby. But she has bad days just like the rest of us. It's easy to let those days get me down. And let's be honest, our children and the struggles that come with them are only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more factors of life that make motherhood super challenging. Even still, I have control over my attitude on those days. I have the ability to allow certain happenings and to say no thank you to others, depending on the limits of our family. I can plan aspects of our days, like dinner or activities, that will help make the week go smoother.

Through this 31 Days challenge, I want to encourage other mamas through the telling of my story, the day in and day out grind of motherhood for me. I want to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences that have helped me and then ask you to share some, too! I don't have all the answers. I'm somewhat of a newbie. There is SO much more for me to learn. I don't even know where to begin at times. I do know that life is easier when you have a friend that will come alongside you and say, "Me too. Let's do this together." I want these next thirty-one blog posts to be like a coffee date away from the chaos, just enjoying time with a good friend while we figure out how to make this journey a little bit easier. I hope you'll join me. I've got my favorite mug ready!

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It dawned me as I was writing about my girls in other posts that if you're one of the 31 Days writers, you don't know me or my family! So I wanted to give a snippet of who we are. Daniel {or Danny, as I call him} is my husband. We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary back in May. We've been together since I was 16. Danny works in sales near our home here in Oregon. Our family actually lives in our friends basement and have for over a year. We're hoping to buy our first home very soon! Danny and I have two daughters. Amelia is two and a half, Elsie is five months. We have attended the same church for nearly twelve years and look forward to growing our family there. That's us in a teeny, tiny nutshell. I can't wait to meet some of you!

Also! Special thanks to my good friend, Elli, who designed the cutesy button for me. I had no idea where to start with something like that. Elli has an Etsy shop selling prints of various kinds. You can also check out some of her other work on Facebook at Elisabeth Windsor Designs. I love her simple, feminine touch on graphics!


9.30 ~ Introduction {you are here!}
10.1 ~ Motherhood as a Ministry
10.2 ~ Cast Aside Comparison
10.3 ~ Limiting Social Media
10.4 ~ Mt. Laundry
10.5 ~ Babywearing
10.6 ~ The Fun Shelf
10.7 ~ Consistency
10.8 ~ Love Your Libraries
10.9 ~ Coffee Connects
10.10 ~ Toys
10.11 ~ TV is OK
10.12 ~ Helping Hands
10.13 ~ Prayer
10.14 ~
10.15 ~ Spousal Communication
10.16 ~ Knowing Limits
10.17 ~ Flexibility
10.18 ~
10.19 ~ Say "Yes" More
10.20 ~ On Hearts & Walls, Part 1
10.21 ~
10.22 ~ On Hearts & Walls, Part 2
10.23 ~ Perspective
10.24 ~ Tend to Their Souls
10.25 ~
10.26 ~
10.27 ~ The CrockPot is My BFF
10.28 ~ Keep Calm, Jesus Loves You
10.29 ~ On Days Like This
10.30 ~
10.31 ~ The Realities of This Journey


The Babies in the Eggs

This last Thursday, we went to OMSI for our family day. With hesitation, we showed Amelia the Prenatal Development exhibit. We just weren't sure what she would think. However, we felt like if she's going to hear about babies and see the whole process, this was a pretty safe and scientific way. So in we went! 

nerds FTW!

She was very curious about it all. The first thing they have is a wall display of a male and female human. Next to those there is a diagram of a woman's anatomy with a light sequence to show where the egg travels before and after fertilization. She loved the lights! There were also microscopic views of sperm, of course.

Listen, she's only two and a half. We weren't about to give her a sex talk. So she started asking about the male, saying, "Hey! That's like Daddy!" pointing to the male's you-know-what and we gave a quick Yeah! You're right! before moving onto viewing the babies. 

If you've never seen this exhibit or something like it, let me explain what it is. There are several displays of babies from embryo stage up to thirty-something-week gestation. Like actual babies, donated for science after health problems are accidents caused preterm ending of the pregnancy. The exhibit was built back in the 90s. They are able to be displayed because of a process called plastication. If you don't know what that is, look it up. I'm no scientist therefore I will not try to explain much about the process. In short, people donate their bodies for science and scientists use this process to preserve the integrity of a deceased body. Google BODY WORLDS. Some people are offended by it. Others, like Danny and I, are fascinated. We're both science nerds. All that to say, hopefully you can imagine what this exhibit looked like. 

Amelia loved it! She was asking questions about the umbilical cord, amniotic sac, and uterus. We looked at all the displays and left for the kid area afterwards. Amelia didn't bring it up anymore that day. And neither did we. Fast forward to today and let me set the scene for the conversation we had this morning...

We were all just waking up, snuggling in bed. And the first thing Amelia said was this: "Where do the babies grow? In the squishy thing? Hey! Was daddy at OMSI this last day? I was just thinking about that!"

I replied, "Yeah, he was! What else were you thinking about, Amelia?"

She answered, "Oh oh oh! I was thinking about the paper daddy. It looked like the old daddy, my daddy! And he had its private parts. And there was a mama, too." 

"What else were you thinking about?" I asked.

Amelia said very excitedly, "I was thinking about the babies. In the eggs!" 

So she doesn't totally get the whole pregnancy thing. Amelia was very aware of Elsie growing in my tummy. And she knew that she had "come out". But other than that, babies just come in eggs! :)