Seeing Baby #2 & Our Birth Plan

We announced a few weeks ago that we're expecting our second baby! We found out at about 3.5 weeks. Then we made our first pre-natal appointment at 4 weeks. We had to wait until I was just about 10 weeks pregnant before we finally had our appointment. Well, that was today! And it was SO wonderful.

First, we did our ultrasound. We were anxious for this because we really wanted needed to know if there was more than one baby in there. I have been ten times more sick with this baby than I was with Amelia. Not only that, but I am showing a lot sooner. So, the first thing I checked for was multiple little babies. And there was just one. 
our newest little love.

I was sorta kinda sad. But mostly relieved! Right away, I noticed the little arms and legs flailing around. Amelia looked at the screen and said, "Elmo!" I guess she thinks every computer screen must play Sesame Street! She wasn't too interested until the ultrasound technician let us listen to the heartbeat. When that loud thumping started, she stared wide-eyed at us. We explained that it was the baby's heart beating, just like Amelia's does! The tech moved on to measuring the baby. But Amelia frantically asked, using her sign language and saying, "More, more!!", to listen to the heartbeat again. So we did. The baby was very active the whole time!

We had our first ultrasound with Amelia at 7 weeks 2 days. We were absolutely amazed at the difference just two weeks made in the development of the baby! With that, we were okay waiting a big longer this time for our first appointment! Everything looked great. Our due date is April 10, 2013... just like we figured! I told Leah, my best friend's mom, about how seeing that wiggly little baby today was just as wonderful as the first time we saw Amelia. There's nothing that gets "old" about pregnancy except maybe for nausea and vomiting, duh.

My midwife, Regis, was busy seeing patients at the clinic and handling three labor patients at the hospital. So our appointment was a bit delayed. But once I finally saw her, we had a great conversation about our hopes and plans for this birth. She asked how I was feeling about giving birth after having such a difficult labor/delivery with Amelia. I told her that I have had moments of fear. I've had moments of bitterness. I've had moments of sadness. But overall, I'm very excited. I know so much more about myself and about birth in general. I do feel more confident this time because I know what my body can do! We are very excited to try water birth at the hospital we birthed Amelia. Regis thinks I am the perfect candidate for a water birth. She has been so encouraging since Amelia was born. She reassures me that my second birth will be very different. The most helpful moment during our conversation was when Regis asked me to identify what I felt caused the difficulty in our first labor/delivery experience. And she listened to my reasons very intently. To finally feel heard was AMAZING! To feel like the last 19 months of questions and concerns was validated gave me so much confidence for this next time. Our conversation ended too quickly as she needed to rush off to a delivery.

My appointment ended with typical lab work and meeting with the billing office to discuss payments for the fees of our midwife. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our insurance covers 100% of the fees associated with having Regis for my pre-natal care and the delivery. What a huge blessing!

Our next appointment is in 4 weeks and we're already counting down the days!


  1. My mom cried when she found out she was pregnant with Tyler because giving birth to me was SOOO hard (I was all messed up in there). But giving birth to him was incredibly easy (well, as easy as having a baby pushed out of you can be...), according to her. And she was so relieved afterward.

    You totally got this, and I'm so excited for you! :)

  2. That is so cute about Amelia wanted to hear more of the baby's heartbeat!

    I had a water birth with Nolan, and the warm water was definitely helpful in labor. It's really cool that there is a local (Eastside) option for that now. We had all three of our babies at a birth center in inner SE Portland, and it wasn't all that enjoyable to drive all that way while in labor!

  3. how exciting! :)
    i just randomly stumbled upon your blog and happy i did - i just love the name, so inspiring and encouraging :)

    now following you via GFC and looking forward to reading more!


    1. thank you, Erin! I've been a bit absent (as I'm sure you could tell!) from this blog since we found out I was pregnant. we also moved! life is just weird and insane these days. but i hope to write more soon. I'm glad you're following! :)