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engaged us. August 2006.
Early September of 2004, Danny and I had our first date after being best friends for nearly two years. It was fun and casual. We saw a movie and grabbed a bite to eat. I was 16, he was 18. Such kids, right? :)

We have never been the type to go on extravagant dates. The fanciest thing we ever did was when we celebrated our first anniversary. We dressed up. I wore white, of course. Dinner was in downtown Portland at the amazing Urban Fondue. We reminisced about our first year. Then we drove to The View Point Inn for a romantic overnight stay in the Columbia Gorge! It was great. But if I must be honest, that wasn't my favorite date in the history of our dates. And we dated a while (almost four years before we got married). Heck, we are still dating! ;)

The best dates are casual, inexpensive, in the middle of everyday chaos. I've only grown to know this well since becoming a mommy to our 16 month old cutie, Amelia. Who knew your dating life would take such a toll after becoming parents! (I know, duh...) We had to get creative when she was a tiny baby. It would be midnight and she would finally be asleep! So we would grab a bowl of ice cream and watch our favorite show on Netflix.

Some of my fondest date memories are from our more recent last minute date ideas. A cup of coffee, talking about us, minimal "parent" talk, and playing footsie under the table. It's all wonderful and so refreshing.

love love love him!

It has taken time but we finally see why it is so important to keep dating each other. Even after "I dos", babies, and chaotic life. We have a "Date Night" envelope in our cash spending plan. There was one month recently where we went on a date once a week for the whole month! It was amazing!! But we do have the challenge of not being able to have a babysitter that often every month. We date as much as we can.

And on every date, I feel like that 16 year old girl again. Just sharing life with her best friend.

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  1. I agree when you have kids it changes it all and we have to make so much more of an effort to still date our husbands but it is worth it!!!!