Our little phone cameras see a lot of life throughout the week, don't they!? Here's a look into our last week.

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I have finally begun to let go of "baby Amelia" and embrace the "toddler Amelia". This means lots more crafts and activities and mess throughout our day! This week, she enjoyed stringing beads onto pipe cleaners. Her coordination is quite impressive.

On Saturday, Amelia and I drove with Jason, Jessie, and Tim up to Battleground, WA (about 40 minutes north of our hometown). Our friends, Brandon and Karrie, hosted a yummy BBQ. We had a great time visiting with some of our dearest friends. We do youth ministry with all of them through out the school year. Now that summer is here, it's nice to just hang out with no agenda. Just great fellowship!

 See what I mean? This kid loves her beading. And her Dada. While I got ready for church on Sunday morning, Dada made bracelets and necklaces with Amelia (such a stud, he is). Best daddy ever, right?

Amelia has been loving Elmo lately. So after church while I took care of the strawberries (see next photo), she watched some Elmo. This may sound silly but it was the first time I sat her down in front of the TV and didn't feel guilty. I never want the TV to be a babysitter. But hey, 40 minutes of a toddler sitting still. That's huge! I'll take it. No mommy guilt here. For now.

Delicious looking, right? These bad boys are farm fresh berries that were prepared for my first ever canning experience. They are sitting frozen in our freezer now, just waiting while I find time and build up the courage to try canning. I'm thinking in the next few days I'll get to it. They were SO yummy though!

On Sunday evening, we had a great dinner at our pastor's home. Alan and Jill are some of the most loving and generous people we know. Amelia adores Mr. Alan. He played with her for a solid 40 minutes! We had great conversation and left feeling very blessed.

As a Father's Day celebration a day late we enjoyed a family breakfast date at Heidi's. It's our favorite place to go for two reasons: 1. The food is so yummy and inexpensive! and 2. There's an elderly waitress that we love to visit. She knows us by name and we have "our seat" in her section. The second booth on the left when you first walk in. :) The waitresses adore Amelia. She gets coloring stuff, plastic animals, and juice! We loved celebrating the most amazing man we know. He's so loving. Danny works really hard for his girls. We couldn't say enough words to express how blessed we are by him!

After our breakfast date, Danny let me spend time doing crafts! What a blast that was! I rarely do stuff like this anymore because it's a lot to handle while you chase a 16 month old. Thanks to Pinterest tutorials I made a canvas print using one of Amelia's photos from our family shoot with Anthem Photography back in April. I made an "I love you because..." noteboard. And then WE (that's right... Danny helped me) made alphabet magnets from the lids of baby jars and foam letters. Amelia loves them! She even knows which letter is "A". Smarty pants.

On Tuesday, I hung out with Annika (aka "Ka" if you're Amelia). Then we took Amelia to Bruce and Starla's house (Annika's parents). These are two people we love very much. And more importantly, they love Amelia as if she was their own grandchild. They babysat her every Tuesday this last school year so I could still serve in our church's high school youth group. Naturally, they have grown to enjoy their time with Amelia quite a bit. After a two week break since youth group got done for the summer, they were super excited when I asked if they could watch Amelia while I had my first bible study with Jessie and Linda (we're doing Breaking Free by Beth Moore this summer!). Lots of book reading, giggles, and games on the iPad followed. 

We went to the park with Jessie on Wednesday! Mama got sunburned. The park was quiet since we went around noon. That was perfect for Amelia! She roamed all over the play structure, eventually settling at the slide. Going up and down. We made a quick stop at Target where I got her these SUPER CUTE glasses. For only $1. Thankfully we got home before it got too hot! I love Oregon. I do not love that it's 60 degrees and raining one day. Then the next day it's 83 degrees and sunny! We need time to adjust! end rant

I went to the doctor on Thursday morning because I woke up with a sharp pain in my sternum. Turns out I have costochondritis. Cool sounding, not cool feeling. Basically I sprained my sternum. The doctor didn't give a real reason as to how I did such a thing. But I did and there it is. Danny took the day off since doctor's orders were, "Put your feet up and watch Netflix!" They say, with rest and such, it should be healed up in 72 hours. SO! Danny is home until Monday. Family days FTW! I'm still hurting a bit. But my feet are up and I'm going to enjoy the relaxation as best as I can. I also started the newest #SheReadsTruth study, Living the Surrendered Life on the YouVersion Bible app for iPhone. 
I think God is trying to teach me something... Breaking Free, Surrendered Life, "depend on Husband for a few days while you kick back and heal". This next week should be interesting and growing as I don't do "surrender" well.

What did your week-in-photos look like? Link up with Jeannett and comment here to let me know you did! I want to see your InstaFriday. :)

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