Coffee Date {Slight Chaos}

If we were to have coffee together, I would first apologize that I'm a day late. But our day was super busy yesterday! We would be sitting in my living room where there's laundry piled on the couch. The floor is crumby and needing a good vacuuming. But there's worship music playing and a toddler running around who actually just requested her music (Toddler Radio on Pandora). She's a busy girl at 16 months old. She loves coloring with markers. She usually colors on her paper but she has recently discovered that her body is fun to color on. And her kid table. And our recliner. It's super washable though, thank goodness. Her bum is covered in marker since she runs around half nakey (we're doing some potty learning these days). How marker gets there, I'm not even sure.

If we were sitting here in my living room, I would be wanting to share so badly about all the things God is doing in my heart. But I would be hesitant. It's hard to share anything anymore when I'm so distracted by my bundle of joy, Amelia. I would tell you that it's nice to be able to go out for coffee while Amelia spends time with her Daddy. It's easier to share in those moments. But Danny works a lot.

I would want to share about how I'm feeling less fearful as I trust the Lord more. I would want to tell you about #SheReadsTruth and how these women have been such a huge inspiration to me this last month. I would want to tell you that I've read my Bible more in the last month than I have in the last year.

I would want to keep chatting but Amelia would be climbing on me, asking me to read her a book. I would tell you how I can't wait to have coffee together again. I would keep talking because inside, I am thinking how nice it is to have some kind of adult conversation. But that thought would get interrupted as Amelia climbs onto her craft table and takes a seat. I would say my goodbyes. And you guessed it, keep talking. But Amelia would climb on the couch, all over the laundry, and into the window sill to hang out with our cat and to see outside. Did I mention how she would be in just a t-shirt and leg warmers, no diaper?

I would finally say goodbye for reals and apologize that it was a little chaotic here. I'd close the door and begin my full day, excited for when we could talk some more. Even if it would be another short, interrupted, and uneven conversation. That's life with a little one.

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  1. I loved this, "I'm feeling less fearful as I trust the Lord more". I'm learning that same thing right now. Been memorizing Psalm 56:3,4, it has been helping me remember that God is who I trust!

    1. It's been so good doing the memory verses every week! I have them on my phone (like you did!) and I see it all the time. It's amazing how better your day goes when you have Truth in your face everyday! :)