P*INC Magazine article by Lindy Portin

A month ago, Lindy, a friend who writes for an online magazine called P*INC (click here to learn about the magazine and how it came to be), asked if she could write about me. She asked me questions about my story as a Christian. Everything from how I came to know Christ to how life is being a young mom. I had a blast writing for it. I just love to write about the things God has done in my life. It's almost a form of worship as I reflect and praise Him for all that He has brought me through. Anyway, I practically wrote a book answering all her questions via Facebook messaging. Then Lindy and I got together to talk some more. She took some photos for the magazine and we were finished! I wasn't sure what to expect beyond that. BUT! I just got to read the article today and Lindy did such a great job with the article. I pray that God uses my story to encourage many young women! It's one that He is still writing. I can't wait to share more of it as it continues on. I'm also excited that something like P*INC exists! It's so neat to hear other people's journeys and to be reminded of how awesome the Lord is.

To read the article, go here:


  1. I just realized you had a blog and am catching up. I got all misty-eyed reading your story. I remember it! So proud of you! I love you! And thanks to Lindy for sharing you with the world. I love her too!

    1. Hi Sheri!! :) I'm glad you're reading my blog. I don't think a lot of people realize I have it. I'm pretty new at it still :) I'm trying to write more but it's a challenge! Thanks for reading. And for being a part of my story ;) Love you!