Commencing Cloth Diapering

A couple weeks ago, I finally decided to look into cloth diapers. I know many people who use them and swear by them. But I just figured it was for hippie, green people... which I am not. I believe in a happy Earth but I just don't do the economical stuff most of the time. One thing I will say I am though, is frugal! I love a good deal. I love saving our family money! I coupon a lot for this reason. So when I looked into cloth diapers and discovered that over the course of having at least 4 kids, we could save thousands of dollars, I knew I had to convince my husband! I spent a few days reading articles, getting figures for what it would cost, and watching videos. I presented my case and he was convinced! But under one condition: I had to try them out for a day since a friend of ours offered to let us borrow some supplies. If I liked them and thought I could take on the extra laundry responsibility, we'd look into it.

Today was that day! And we have decided to commence cloth diapering!

I ♥ Amelia's cloth diapered booty!!
Well, we actually started last night. We doubled her up (like everyone said to do). She didn't even pee! Her poos are very solid now so cleaning those up was a breeze (although, we do still intend to get a sprayer sometime in the future). We were loaned the two types of Flip covers and an Econobum cover along with the stay dry inserts and the organic inserts for Flip, the prefolds for Econobum, and some other prefolds. The Econobums are no good on our little girl's booty. Her daddy is Brasilian. And she has his booty (which I LOVE!). The Flip stay dry insert is so trim on her (but still very absorbent)! It didn't seem much bigger than a normal diaper. I liked the organic inserts but they are too pricey for us. We will be stocking up on Flips and the stay dry inserts! I liked the hook and loop for bedtime because I can get it really snug. I plan to get just a couple of those and then the rest of the covers we will get in snaps. Someday, I would love to have all 12 colors. :) I will also be using cloth wipes as it just makes a lot of sense. And I will be doing the "no-pail method" for storing soiled diapers. We live in a small, 2 bedroom apartment, with the laundry closet right in the middle and down a hallway. It's super convenient. I am going to make my own laundry detergent as well!

We plan to get just half of our "stash" this next month. Then we will gradually build from there. The start up cost for cloth diapering was the one factor that always scared me away. But we found a way to make it work! Over the course of about 4 months, we figured we will earn the investment back in not having to buy disposables. I'm very excited to have this opportunity for helping my family save money! And what the heck, it's pretty cool that I'm no longer contributing to the tons of diaper waste created by these little people! :)

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