The Big 3

I decided I would narrow down my life story to three major events to describe who I am and why I am me!

The most important event in my life took place November 29, 2001. I was 13, in the middle of my 8th grade year, and desperate for a place to belong. A classmate invited me to a weekend retreat with her church's youth group. I was reluctant to go since I wasn't the "churchy type". But it sounded fun. During that retreat I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I started attending the youth group and church with my classmate on a regular basis. I had found a place of escape and love in my new church family... something I needed terribly as my home life was quite dysfunctional. Fast forward ten years later, I'm still attending that church, that classmate is my best friend still, and my life is fully devoted to the Lord. I aim to have everything I do and say be for the glory of the Lord. I'm human, of course, so I don't always succeed. But that is the beauty of forgiveness and grace.

The next most important event in my life was when I married my beloved, Daniel. We met when we both started attending the youth group at our church. I was in 8th grade, he was in 10th grade. He was quite quirky as a teenager so attraction was not a quick thing for me, to be honest! But over the course of about two years, we became great friends. He was a gentleman and very smart! He had a silly sense of humor and a smile that lit up the room. And most importantly, he loved the Lord intensely. For a year and a half, I had my heart twitterpated over him. He was totally unaware. But our friendship continued to grow. After attending a week long church camp together, he realized everything. I went away for rest of the summer to visit my dad out of state. We talked every day, emailed, instant messaged! When I returned, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was 16, he was 18. We dated for two and a half years before he proposed. It was during a New Years Eve party at his parents house, in front of a bunch of friends and family. Then we had a year and a half long engagement (worst idea ever, in case you're wondering). In that time, I went away for my freshman year of college and returned. He graduated college. We planned and planned and planned the wedding. After nearly four years of being together, we finally married on May 10, 2008. It was a lovely spring day. Danny (what he is more commonly known as amongst close friends and family) is more than I ever imagined in a husband and father to our daughter. He is strong in spirit, he's an extremely hard worker, he loves me well, he loves Amelia so well. I will write more about him in this blog, don't you worry!

Finally, the last most important day of my life so far has been the birth of my daughter. We decided to start trying to conceive February 15, 2010. Three months later, I was pregnant! I had all the normal morning sickness issues, weight gain, etc. But overall, I had a great pregnancy! So my midwife was confident that my birth would play out similarly. It was not an easy birth, to say the least (I will post my birth story soon). I learned what it means to truly rely on Someone much bigger than you to get through an experience. My sweet Amelia is a reminder every day that God is the one that gives life. She is joyful and so fun! We are blessed and challenged by her every day. I am a different person because of her. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

You can see where my passions are, I'm sure. I have many more! I don't have this blog to be preachy but to simply tell people about how God has and is continuing to work in my life. I don't want this blog to be all mushy and about my wonderful marriage. But I do want people to be encouraged as I write about our life together... struggles, triumphs, and all! And lastly, I don't want to talk birth and babies constantly. But I do want people to see the wonderful work that God has created in us women to be able to birth life! I want people to know the joys and sorrows of mothering/parenting. I'm striving to live a life that can be looked up to and modeled after... truly Titus 2. 

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