Amelia's Birth Story

Everything started on Wednesday, February 9, 2011. I thought my water had broken in the early morning but was not sure so Danny and I went into the hospital that afternoon. They performed a test that came back negative. So they discharged us, telling me I just peed myself in my sleep due to Amelia most likely laying on a nerve. On Thursday, February 10th at 2:30 pm I had an appointment with my midwife and learned that I was 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I had also been having contractions on an irregular basis for a day. My midwife was prepared to admit us because she believed I was in early labor. I really wanted this baby to come quickly because my midwife had an unexpected conference come up that just so happened to be the weekend I was due! But I wasn't ready to be in the hospital yet so Danny and I spent a few hours walking around downtown Gresham in an attempt to induce the contractions into a more regular pattern and increase their intensity. As the evening went on, not only did my contractions continue but I also began to feel the same leaking feeling I had felt early Wednesday morning. It was very obvious at this point that it was amniotic fluid, not me peeing myself. That evening we stayed home with Crystalyn, our doula, laboring until I felt it was time to go in to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at 2:30 am on Friday, February 11th and they determined that Amelia was coming but things were progressing very slowly. At 7 am a nurse came into my room, woke me up, and proceeded to tell me that they (the midwife on call and nursing staff) were getting concerned about how long my water had been broken. At this point, we believed it had been about 15 hours (since about 4 pm on Thursday, when I had my last prenatal appointment). She continued on and told us they highly recommended starting me on Pitocin to try to jump start things. I was half asleep and very nervous and while it wasn't exactly what we wanted to do, we trusted the staff and moved ahead. In the early afternoon my midwife called us (she was gone for the weekend at a last minute conference and could not be there for the delivery). She asked how I was feeling and I explained that I was very frustrated. It had been a few hours since going on Pitocin and there had been absolutely no change in my contractions. Not only that but I had just been told I couldn't eat anything except for clear liquids. I was starving at this point so as you can imagine, I got quite upset. My midwife, Regis, stayed in great contact with us and the staff at the hospital. I told her how I was feeling so she called the new on call midwife, June, and told her to take me off Pitocin. My plan all along had been to let things progress naturally. And this was not part of that plan. Regis reminded me of that. And I regained the confidence to stick with what I wanted.

After going off Pitocin and eating a much needed lunch, the midwife then sent all the friends and family who had been waiting home, to get some rest, confident that Amelia would be coming the next afternoon. This helped me a ton as I was feeling quite a lot of pressure knowing there was a room full of people waiting anxiously for any news. I felt like I had to perform and since nothing was happening, I was very stressed. Danny and I took a nap and then went for a walk around the hospital in the evening. Around 7:30 pm I entered active labor. By 11 pm, I had progressed to 6 cm. The midwife and nurses began to get concerned with how long things were taking at this point, especially because the contractions were getting very painful and close together (1 min apart and almost a minute long). Amelia was also getting very stressed. Her heart rate was not decreasing just as a contraction was beginning but instead towards the middle of a contraction. They put me on oxygen to try to help Amelia's heart rate behave the way it should. The midwife wanted to give me medication that would decrease the rate of the contractions and allow for my body to do what it needed to do but my heart rate was already high at 134 bpm. The medicine would increase my heart rate even more. The only other option was to get an epidural and prepare for a cesarean section if Amelia didn't decide to come soon.

At 12:30 am Saturday, February 12th I received the epidural and also learned that I was fully dilated. Getting an epidural in the middle of a contraction, while shaking violently, not awesome. I thought I was going to die. But I held still just long enough. They also informed me that more likely than not, a vacuum was going to be needed to get her out because her head was getting stuck on my pelvic bone. I signed all the paperwork saying I was okay with having a cesarean section if that was what needed to be done. At this point, I would've done anything to get my little girl delivered safely.

At 1 am they had me start pushing during every other contraction, instead of all of them, to keep Amelia from getting too stressed. At around 3:30 am my midwife told me I had 15 minutes to deliver Amelia. If I did not have her delivered in that time frame, they were going to go forth with the cesarean section. Danny later told me that they had a path to the door ready for me to be wheeled to the OR at any moment. They shut off my music and were very serious.

At 3:58 AM on February 12, Amelia Ada Laine was born! But delivered with her was a large amount of meconium followed by the placenta almost instantly. This was a huge surprise to the delivery staff because all the fluid I had been leaking in the previous hours was clear, as normal amniotic fluid should be. They placed her on my chest and she let out a tiny noise. Her body was lifeless. A few seconds later the nurses took her away to examine her. I didn't even see her face... just a full head of hair and a limp body. The first thing I heard June, the delivering midwife, say was, "Does she have a pulse?" I immediately panicked and began praying out loud. Now, I'm not an openly spiritual person. I don't pray out loud just anywhere. But when I realized that it was a life or death situation, I prayed. After a long pause, the nursing staff assured June that Amelia had a pulse. It was faint, in and out. But it was there. They also suctioned her lungs and stomach in case she had swallowed any meconium. We learned later that she had none in her which makes sense since she was not breathing at first. After still not breathing, they began CPR. I heard the counting like there was nothing else going on in the room. It was like someone was yelling, "1! 2! 3!" right in my ear. I was terrified that I was going to lose my baby right then and there. I prayed for God to fill her body with life. I prayed it over and over and over. Amelia wasn't responding to the CPR so she was rushed down the hall by a small army of nurses while Danny and I stayed in the room with the midwife, Crystalyn, and a couple other nurses. I was in hysterics as I watched them run out with Amelia. I couldn't do anything about it either because: 1. the epidural and 2. my midwife had to carefully stitch me back together as I had a 3rd degree laceration due to an episiotomy that I tore past because of the use of a vacuum to suction Amelia out. About 5 minutes later a nurse came in to get Danny so he could go see Amelia. By the time he got down the hall to the nursery she was screaming wildly. He had brought back a video for me to see about 15 minutes later. Amelia was perfect! I couldn't hold back the tears. I wanted to hold her so bad!

It was not until later that weekend that we learned that my water had in fact broken Wednesday morning. I hadn't just "peed myself". So it was 72 hours between my water breaking and her birth. Because of this, the staff was afraid that Amelia could have an infection. They typically don't allow babies to be in a leaking amniotic sac for more than 24 hours. But we didn't know it had been that long. Also, my midwife informed us that as long as I didn't have a fever and baby was showing great vitals, there was no reason to worry about that 24 hour mark. Of course, everything was fine until the very end. Our midwife even said, "Your daughter is an A+ student!" as she frequently checked her heart rate on the monitors earlier in my labor. Amelia was kept in the nursery from the time she was born until that evening at 8 pm. She also had to be on antibiotics for our entire hospital stay. I was able to breast feed her that afternoon, which was a huge surprise to the nurses as they did not except her to nurse so soon. She came to our room that night, with her IV fluids being reduced by half. She went off her IV the next afternoon. Her jaundice score was a very low one, which also surprised everyone. I also learned later that her APGAR score (a system that rates a newborn's respirations, reflexes, pulse, skin color, and muscle tone) was a 1 at birth. She got a 1 for a grimace in response to stimulation. Five minutes after birth, it was a 5. Ten minutes after birth, it was an 8. My delivery nurse, Cyndee, informed us that in her 15 years of work, she has had one other baby besides Amelia that was born with an APGAR of 1 that lived. All the others did not recover and ultimately died. Another HUGE surprise was that she did not have meconium in her lungs or stomach. There is no telling how long she had been in the amniotic sac with the meconium. But the nurses and midwife believe it was a very long time as the placenta was green with red streaks, rather than fully red and all that. My placenta was delivered right with Amelia which is definitely not normal. This means it had been detached too early, meaning Amelia wasn't getting the oxygen she needed (explaining why I had to wear the oxygen mask). This also explains why I was having such intense contractions at the end. My uterus, with a semi-detached placenta, had gone into overdrive. The list of "this happened but definitely should've ended with a much poorer result" is long and I could go on...

When the stress of the delivery began to ascend to its peak, Crystalyn immediately text messaged my best friend, Amanda, "PRAY NOW". I'm not sure who prayed or how many people were praying. But let us say, God answered. Those prayers are prayers we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Nothing about how our daughter is living today makes sense. I know that God is in the business of miracles though. Early on in my pregnancy with Amelia, I had this assurance that her life was going to be a special one. I knew God had big plans for her. And I could see how her little life was already impacting people for the Lord. I never imagined this birth scenario would happen but it did. It was quite possibly the worst day of my life in terms of the fear and pain I felt. However, it was the best because I saw God give life to a baby barely hanging on. It was the best because our little girl was born. She has been a witness to those who do not believe or have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And to be able to be a part of that as her mommy is a joy I cannot explain.

We had Amelia dedicated to the Lord on Sunday, February 20, 2011. We did so because we believe she is a miracle and people need to know that. She is our daughter, yes. But she is the Lord's first. We also dedicated her because as her parents, we want nothing more than for her life to be a shining beacon of what an amazing God we serve. We pray she grows up to know that for herself. And dedicating her was the first step towards that.

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